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About Us

Banno Lighting are specialists in art gallery lighting and creators of L’Art, a range of track fittings designed specifically for art galleries.

We’re an NYC-based company, shipping to the whole of the USA. We provide advice on your projects, guiding you through the lighting language of beam angles, glare control, dimming and colour rendering, and then quote on our recommendations for your ideal lighting solution.  

We believe that lighting is an integral part of the way a space is experienced. This is especially important in art galleries and museums, where a well-considered lighting scheme can truly bring art and exhibits to life. We’re particularly proud of our L’Art range, which was specifically designed for art galleries and museums in collaboration with artists and art curators. The result is a high-quality and flexible range that adapts to these constantly changing environments. 

Our family business began 12 years ago in Australia, where Simon founded the sister company, LED World. Our mission has always been to provide tailored advice, suited to each individual project’s needs and budget. We look forward to offering our expertise to clients across the USA.


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