When your artwork needs something different, just zoom!

Shape your lights from narrow to wide beam angles in seconds for customisable wall art lighting.

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Get To Know The L’Art Zoom

Zoom Lens

A simple dial control on the lens allows the beam angle from 10 all the way up to 90 degrees. This enables one fixture to serve as a very narrow spotlight, medium wash or wide wall wash to suit the artwork size.

Anti Glare HoneyComb

The additional filter allows you to soften light before it illuminates artwork. It also adds a second layer of anti glare protection, which can cause eye strain to the customer.

CRI 95

The colour rendering index (C.R.I) relates to LED quality. A high CRI means the LED displays artwork colours as they would appear in natural daylight.

Wall Dimming

These lights are dimmed at the wall via phase dimming, which means power in the track is lowered so that the light output is reduced.

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