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Adjustable Track Lighting

Adjustable Track Lighting

Track lighting is a customisable lighting solution which allows multiple lights to be used with simple installation. Adjustable track lighting can be ceiling mounted, suspended or recessed depending on the setting and preference. Track is available in a variety of lengths and is adaptable for a wide range of applications.

By using joiners, adjustable track lighting track can be fitted together in any shape and configuration required. This makes track lighting a versatile solution suitable for many settings within the home, such as bedrooms, hallways and living spaces. A hallway might use a long, straight track of several lengths joined together. In a living space, the best layout may be a number of squares or rectangles which break the room into areas for relaxation, dining or work.

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One of the most common applications for track lighting in the home is in the kitchen. Adjustable track lighting can be used to direct light to specific areas of the room, such as food preparation areas or the sink. Track can be ceiling mounted or recessed in the ceiling, providing either a focused beam of light or a general wall wash effect. This can be complemented by suspended track hanging low over a kitchen island or dining table.

Track lighting is typically available in both a white and black finish, and some ranges have other options such as silver. Illumination is provided by LED spotlights, also known as track heads, mounted to the track. These are typically placed at intervals of roughly one metre, though this depends on your scheme.

LED spotlights offer further ways to adjust your track lighting solution. A variety of beam angles allows you to decide how widely or narrowly focused the beam of light from the LED is spread. There are various colour temperatures available, from a warm colour which is closer to fire or candlelight, to a cool light, similar to natural daylight. Many LED spotlights will be dimmable, giving you the flexibility to dim the lights depending on the time of day and ambience you want to create.