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Bathroom Track Lighting

Bathroom Track Lighting

Bathroom track lighting offers a versatile lighting solution, with the option to place multiple lights around the room with one simple installation.

Track lighting can be surface mounted, recessed or suspended. In any location in the home, the best installation method to opt for depends on the ceiling height, ceiling material and your interior decor and personal preference. In bathrooms specifically, the placement of track and the required IP (ingress protection) rating also need to be considered.

Surface mounting, where the track is attached directly to the ceiling surface, is the simplest method of installation, and the most popular for this reason. Surface mounting offers a low profile and unobtrusive option.

In minimal, contemporary interiors, recessing track can be preferred, as it leaves the ceiling clear and uncluttered. Track is set into the ceiling to sit flush with the ceiling surface. However, recessing is a more complex installation method, and not suitable for some ceiling materials, such as concrete.

Suspending track is usually considered in spaces with high or vaulted ceilings. Track is suspended on adjustable wires, allowing the light level to be brought down from the ceiling to your required height. It is less likely to be the best option for bathrooms.

Where bathroom track lighting will be placed is important. Bathrooms are generally divided into zones, depending on the proximity to water, such as taps or shower faucets. Which zone lighting is placed in determines the required IP rating, which indicates how well the inner workings of the light are protected against ingress from moisture, dust or debris.

White and black are the most common track finishes, with a variety of track lengths available. Track accessories can be used to join lengths together at corners, cross-sections or T junctions, creating any size or configuration of track layout required. Track lights can be positioned and adjusted to place light wherever it is needed.

Track lighting uses LEDs, which give the flexibility to tailor a track solution to your exact requirements. LED track lights are available in a choice of beam angles, colour temperatures and wattages. Track lights with a narrow beam angle provide a narrow task or accent light. Track lights with a wide beam angle will give more of a wall wash effect.

For bathroom track lighting, LEDs with a warm colour temperature, around 3000K, are softer and more flattering. A cool colour temperature, around 5000K, will provide a bright light, closer to natural daylight.