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Commercial Track Lighting

Track lighting can offer a highly customisable, flexible and low maintenance lighting solution for a wide range of commercial settings. Whether you are lighting a small coffee shop or large open-plan office, track can be arranged in any configuration or size you require.

Track is available in a variety of lengths, which can be joined using track accessories to assemble straight runs, T shapes, squares or rectangles. Track lights can be placed along the track to place light exactly where it is needed.

Commercial track lighting can be surface mounted, recessed or suspended. Surface mounting is the simplest method of installation. Track is simply attached to the ceiling surface. Recessing track so it is flush with the ceiling surface is more complicated, and it is not suitable for all ceiling surfaces. Suspending track uses adjustable wires to hang the track down from the ceiling height. This is useful if ceilings are high and the light level needs to be brought down.

The best commercial track lighting solution depends on the style and function of the space. A retail store will have different considerations than a coffee shop. For example, in a retail store, track lights may be needed to highlight certain displays, and it’s important for goods to be clearly illuminated. In a coffee shop, a warm and relaxed ambience may be a more important factor.

Track lights usually use LEDs. LEDs offer an excellent quality of light output, are highly energy efficient and have a long lifespan, which minimises overhead costs, maintenance and replacement. There are a number of track light options to help customise your ideal solution. These variables include different beam angles, colour temperatures and wattages. The colour rendering index (CRI) of the light will also be important in some commercial settings where colours need to be accurately represented.

How widely or narrowly focused the beam of light from the track light will be, is determined by the beam angle. A narrow beam angle will give a narrower and more focused beam of light, for example to highlight a mannequin in a clothing store. A wide beam angle will give more of an ambient, wall wash effect.

The colour temperature of a track light helps set the ambience. A warm colour temperature of around 3000K gives a cozy light, similar to fire or candlelight. A cool colour temperature around 5000K provides brighter light which is closer to natural daylight.