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Crystal Track Lights

Track lighting is a versatile lighting solution which can suit a wide range of commercial and domestic settings. There are a variety of fixtures which attach to track, with designs to suit all decor styles. Crystal track lighting offers one of the more decorative options and can suit modern or vintage interiors.

The most appropriate method of track lighting installation depends on the ceiling height, ceiling material and your preference. Track can be surface mounted, recessed or suspended.

Surface mounting is the most straightforward and popular option, with track most commonly mounted to the ceiling though it can also be wall mounted. Track can even be mounted on a sloped ceiling, on an exposed beam ceiling, or on a drop ceiling.

Recessing the track into the ceiling is recommended for a more architectural look, as it keeps the ceiling clear and uncluttered. However, installation is more complex and this option isn’t suitable for some ceiling materials, such as concrete.

Suspending track works well in spaces with a high or vaulted ceiling, and can also be used over a kitchen island or dining room table. A suspension kit will include adjustable wires which you can use to hang track at your preferred height.

Track lighting comes in a variety of lengths. Straight pieces of track can be configured into a range of shapes and sizes by using joiner accessories. Connector types such as an L joiner or T joiner can attach an extension to a single piece of track, to create systems of any dimensions. This makes track lighting useful for settings around the home, from a living room to kitchen, hallway, bathroom or bedroom.

Linear track lighting is typically mains voltage, with the electrical connection fed into the track through an end power feed. You can also use a middle power feed. If you cannot connect track to a junction box, an alternative which requires no hard wiring is a plug in kit. These kits are supplied with a flex and plug that simply plugs into a power outlet.

Track lighting heads are the light fixtures which attach to the track. Crystal track lighting heads are a more unusual design choice, with common options including spotlights in white, black and gold.

Monorail track lighting is an alternative to linear track that can be curved or made into a circular form. Monorail uses flexible rails and can be used with both hanging pendants and track lighting heads. Monorail is low voltage so requires an adapter.

Crystal track lighting heads typically use halogen or LED light bulbs, such as a GU10. LED bulbs are recommended, for their energy efficiency, long lifespan and excellent quality of light. LED globes, or lamps, in a warm white colour temperature (around 3000K) create a warm and inviting environment. Using dimmable LEDs allows you to adjust lights according to the time of day and desired ambience.

Track lighting kits can offer an easy way to purchase track lighting, with all the components needed for a complete solution.