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Curved Track Lights

Curved Track Lights

Track lighting is a flexible lighting solution which allows multiple lights to be used with simple installation. Track lighting is available in a variety of straight lengths and is customisable for a wide range of applications.

Although joiners can be used to fit track together into a variety of configurations, a connector will join two straight lengths at an angle, creating a square or T shape, for example. If you are looking to install curved track lighting, you may want to consider monorail track lighting as an alternative to traditional track.

Monorail track lighting is an alternative to a regular track light system, offering flexible rails that can be bent and customised into a broad range of configurations. Monorails can be used to create curved track lighting or circular installations. As with regular track, connector accessories can be used to add an extension piece, or several, configuring the size and shape of a monorail layout. The monorail is suspended from the ceiling, and the height of the suspension can also be customised.

Curved track lighting using monorail offers a versatile lighting solution that can be used with track heads and with pendants. This simplifies installation if you want to use both fixtures within a lighting scheme.

Unlike regular track lighting where the electrical connection enters the track through an end power feed and uses line voltage, monorail carries a low voltage current along the rail. You will need a transformer to convert your power supply from line voltage.

Curved track lighting using monorail can accommodate fixtures or track heads that use halogen or LED globes, such as a GU10. The number of fixtures you can use depends on the wattage of your transformer. As LED lamps use less energy, you could fit more LED fixtures on a monorail layout than halogens. You will also need to consider the weight that the monorail can carry when determining the number of fixtures.

Track heads come in a variety of designs, to suit your preference and the decor of the space where they are being installed. They can range from simple spotlights in black or white to more decorative options in brushed nickel, bronze or gold, or lights with glass shades. Popular ideas for installation of curved track lighting include in the kitchen over an island, or in a large living area to create zones for relaxation, dining or work.

Good quality curved track lighting kits can offer an easy solution, as kits should include all of the parts you need for installation. Replacement parts are readily available.