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Farmhouse Track Lights

Track lighting is a versatile lighting solution which allows you to install a number of fixtures on one system. Track lighting can vary significantly in design, and farmhouse track lighting is just one example of how track can be tailored to suit all types of decor.

There are several installation methods for farmhouse look track lighting depending on your ceiling height and material, as well as personal preference. Track can be surface mounted, recessed or suspended. Surface mounting is the most straight-forward and common installation option. Track can be mounted directly to sloped ceilings or even on exposed beams in a rustic farmhouse.

Flush mount farmhouse track lighting is recessed into the ceiling surface to keep the ceiling uncluttered. This more minimal approach can create a modern farmhouse look, but installation is more complex and this option isn’t suitable for some ceiling materials.

If you have a vaulted or high ceiling, you may want to suspend track, using adjustable wires to hang track at your desired height. Suspending track is a functional method of lowering the light level where ceiling heights are high, and it can also act as a decorative feature over a kitchen island or dining room table.

Track lighting is available in a range of lengths, and joiner accessories allow you to create track systems of different shapes and dimensions. This makes track a customisable solution for a variety of settings around the home. One of the most popular placements for track in the home is in the kitchen.

Before deciding on a layout, it can help to draw up plans of the room, to work out where light is needed and the type of light, such as ambient, task or accent lighting. Track can also be used to create a zone within a room, for example separating areas for relaxation, dining and working within an open plan living space.

Track lighting heads are the fixtures which attach to the track. As a rough guide, you should allow one fixture per metre of track, but this depends on your setting and preference. Track heads vary hugely in style, from straightforward black or white spotlights to vintage designs. There are a wide range of track lighting heads to suit farmhouse decor, with numerous finishes available, from natural materials to metal or glass.

Farmhouse track lighting heads will usually use a halogen or LED light bulb, with LED globes recommended for their energy efficiency, long lifespan and excellent quality of light. LED globes in a warm white colour temperature (around 3000K) create a warm and inviting environment and opting for dimmable LEDs allows you to adjust lights according to the time of day and desired ambience.