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Flush Mount Track Lighting

Track lighting is an extremely versatile lighting solution which allows for multiple lights to be used as part of a complete scheme. Track lighting can be customised for use all around the home, from kitchens to bedrooms.

There are three different methods for mounting track; surface mounting, recessed or suspended. Recessed is also referred to as flush mount track lighting, as this option sets track into the ceiling, so it is flush with the ceiling surface. Flush mounting is a more complex installation method than surface mounting or suspending track. It is not compatible with all ceiling materials, such as concrete ceilings.

Flush mount track is available in a variety of lengths, and multiple pieces can be used to create any configuration you might require.

As recessing leaves the ceiling uncluttered and results in a sleek and simple look, flush mounting is popular for modern, minimal spaces. It is the most low-profile and unobtrusive installation method, allowing architectural features or artwork to stand out.

Kitchens are one of the most popular spaces in the home to install track lighting. Kitchens are multi-functional spaces needing a mix of general ambient, task and accent lighting, and track lighting can cover all of these needs. Track can be used alongside other ceiling or wall lights, for example in a bathroom, track can be used alongside vanity lights mounted next to the mirror.

Track lights usually use LEDs, which offer excellent quality of light as well as being highly energy efficient. The extremely long lifespan of LEDs minimises the need for maintenance or replacement.

Your ideal track lighting solution can be customised with variables including different beam angles, colour temperatures and wattages. The beam angle of a track light determines how widely or narrowly focused the beam of light from the fitting will be. Narrow beam angles give a narrower and more focused beam of light. Wide beam angles give a more ambient effect.

The colour temperature of a track light helps set the ambience. A warm colour temperature around 3000K gives a cozy light, similar to fire or candlelight. A cool colour temperature around 5000K provides brighter light which is closer to natural daylight. Track lighting is often dimmable to allow the light level to be adjusted as required.