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Hallway Track Lighting

Track lighting is a versatile and customisable lighting solution which can be used around the home. Track lighting is a practical option for lighting a hallway, where several lights may be needed, as multiple lights can be used in one simple installation.

Hallway track lighting can be surface mounted, recessed or suspended. The most suitable installation method to choose depends on the ceiling height, ceiling material and your interior decor and personal preference.

The simplest and most popular method of installation is surface mounting, where the track is attached directly to the ceiling surface. This is a low profile and unobtrusive option, so may be well-suited to a hallway.

Recessing track sets it into the ceiling, to sit flush with the ceiling surface. This leaves the ceiling clear and uncluttered, and can be preferred in minimal, contemporary interiors. However, installation of recessed track is more complex and this method is not suitable for some ceiling materials, such as concrete.

Track can also be suspended, by using adjustable wires to bring the lighting level down from the ceiling, usually in spaces with high or vaulted ceilings. This method might be less relevant in a hallway, but if you have a double-height entryway or there is sufficient ceiling height, suspending track may be an option.

Track is available in a variety of lengths, with white and black being the most common finishes. Track accessories can be used to join lengths together at corners, cross-sections or T junctions, creating any size or configuration of track layout required. Hallways are often long and straight, so multiple lengths could be joined to form one straight run.

Track lighting uses LEDs, which give the flexibility to tailor a track solution to your exact requirements. LED track lights are available in a choice of beam angles, colour temperatures and wattages. If you have artwork placed on the walls of your hallway, track lights with a narrow beam angle can help to illuminate them clearly. Track lights with a wide beam angle will give more of a wall wash effect. When placing track in a hallway you will need to consider the hallway width, and the distance that track will be placed from the walls.

LEDs with a cool colour temperature of around 5000K provide a clear and bright light. LEDs with a warm colour temperature, around 3000K, give a warmer and cozier ambience.