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Kitchen Track Lighting

Kitchen Track Lighting

Kitchens have multiple functions, and are often used for socialising and entertaining as well as food preparation. This means that they need a lighting scheme which can combine ambient, task and accent lighting. Track lighting can cater to all of these requirements, making kitchens the most popular location for track lighting in the home.

Track lighting is a versatile lighting solution which allows multiple lights to be positioned around the room with simple installation. Track can be ceiling mounted, suspended or recessed depending on the setting and preference.

Track is available in a variety of lengths, and joiners can be used to fit track together into any shape, length or configuration required. In small kitchens, track can be placed centrally on the ceiling, with light directed to specific areas of the room, or in large spaces it may follow the outline of kitchen units or counters.

Ceiling mounted track offers the simplest installation, mounted directly to the ceiling surface. Track can be recessed to keep the ceiling clear and uncluttered if preferred. Or, if ceilings are high or vaulted, track can be suspended to bring the light level down. In this case track is suspended by adjustable wires, so can be hung at your preferred height. Suspended track can also be placed over a kitchen island to give a decorative feature.

Track lights typically use LEDs, with varying beam angles, colour temperatures and wattages available. The choice of beam angles allows you to decide how widely or narrowly focused the beam of light from the LED is spread. Areas of the kitchen used for food preparation may need a narrow beam angle, to provide task light. Other areas may need a wide beam angle for a general wash of light. Track can combine all of these requirements into one solution.

A warm colour temperature, which is closer to fire or candlelight, will create a relaxed and cozy ambience. A cool white colour temperature is brighter and closer to natural daylight. Many track lights are dimmable, so you can adjust the lights depending on the time of day and required ambience. Depending on the size of the space, you may want to set up the track solution so lights can be controlled in groups – for example lights over the sink and stove might be one group, with suspended lights over a kitchen island in another group.