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Living Room Track Lights

Living Room Track Lighting

Track lighting is a versatile and customisable lighting solution which can be used around the home. Living room track lighting can provide a blend of ambient, task and accent lighting.

Living room track lighting can be surface mounted, recessed or suspended, depending on ceiling height, ceiling material and preference. The simplest method of installation is surface mounting, where the track is attached directly to the ceiling surface. This is the most popular option. Recessing track to sit flush with the ceiling surface gives a clean and uncluttered look that is popular for modern, streamlined spaces. However, installation of recessed track is more complex and is not possible with some ceiling materials, such as concrete.

Track can also be suspended, using wires to bring the lighting level down from the ceiling. Wires are adjustable so the track can be hung at your preferred height, which makes this option popular for use in spaces with high or vaulted ceilings. Suspending track can also be a decorative feature, for example over a piece of furniture.

Track is available in a variety of lengths, with white and black the most common finishes. White is popular as it blends with most ceilings, but black suits some interior decor, and ceilings with a raw finish such as those in industrial style spaces. Track accessories can be used to join lengths together at corners, cross-sections or T junctions, creating any size or configuration required.

Track lighting is ideal for large, open plan living spaces, helping to divide the space into zones for relaxing, eating or entertaining. Track lights can be placed to direct light exactly where it is required.

Track lighting uses LEDs, which allow your ideal solution to be customised with options that include a choice of beam angles, colour temperatures and wattages. Narrow beam angles can provide task light or accent artwork or architectural features. A wide beam angle will give an ambient, wall wash effect. Track can also be used alongside other elements of a complete lighting scheme, such as decorative pendants or wall lights.

Living spaces are typically used for relaxing, socialising or watching tv. Choosing an LED with a warm colour temperature, around 3000K, will give a cozy light that is similar to fire or candlelight. Track lighting is often dimmable, so the light level can be adjusted according to the time of day, natural light available and your desired ambience.

As well as offering this flexibility and high quality of light output, LEDs are extremely energy efficient and have a long lifespan.