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Modern Track Lighting

Modern track lighting is a versatile lighting solution which utilises the benefits of LED technology. Track lighting is highly customisable and can be used in a wide range of settings around the home, as well as in commercial spaces such as offices or retail stores.

Track can be surface mounted, recessed or suspended. Surface mounting track is the simplest and most popular method of installation. Track is simply attached directly to the ceiling surface. Recessed track is set into the ceiling so it sits flush with the ceiling surface. This is a more complex installation and is not suitable for some ceiling materials, such as concrete, but keeps the ceiling clear and uncluttered. Suspending track uses wires to bring the light level down from the ceiling. Wires are adjustable so track can be hung at your preferred height. This option works well if ceilings are high or vaulted. Suspended track can also be a decorative feature over a kitchen island or table.

Track is typically available in black and white, with various lengths available. Track accessories can allow lengths to be joined together at corners, cross-sections or T junctions, to create any size or configuration required.

Kitchens are one of the most common locations in the home for modern track lighting. Track can provide the blend of ambient light, task light and accent light that are needed. Modern track lighting suits contemporary interiors, as it can provide an unobtrusive and multi-functional lighting solution that places light exactly where it is needed.

Modern track lighting uses LEDs, which allow you to customise your ideal solution with options that include different beam angles, colour temperatures and wattages. Narrow beam angles can be chosen to provide task light or accent artwork or architectural features. A wide beam angle will give an ambient, wall wash effect.

The ambience of the space can be controlled through the choice of colour temperature. Warm colour temperatures, around 3000K, give a cozy light that is similar to fire or candlelight. A cool colour temperature, around 5000K, provides brighter light which is closer to natural daylight. Track lighting is often dimmable, which means the light level can be adjusted according to the time of day, tasks being carried out and the desired ambience.

As well as offering this flexibility and high quality of light output, LEDs are extremely energy efficient, and their long lifespan minimises maintenance or replacement.