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Office Lighting Guide

The way an office is lit can impact both the aesthetics of the space and the productivity of the staff working within it. A well considered lighting scheme can create a great first impression for visitors, help define areas of the office used for different activities, and aid staff productivity.

There are many factors to consider when designing office lighting, including regulatory requirements, wattage, the layout of the space, the types of tasks being carried out and maintenance.

Modern offices typically use LED lighting. LEDs are energy efficient and have a longspan which minimises maintenance, making LEDs a cost-effective choice. Unlike traditional lighting types such as fluorescents, LEDs do not have issues with flicker or poor light distribution, and they produce very little heat.

The quality of light produced by traditional light sources is often poor, and this can impede productivity, causing eye strain and headaches. A benefit of LEDs is the excellent quality of light they offer, with a high lumen output and a choice of color temperatures.

Color Temperatures

The color temperature of light has a significant impact on the ambience of the space, which can affect both the impression of the company for visitors and the productivity of staff. An office lighting scheme may use a mixture of color temperatures within the overall plan.

Cool White

Light with a cool white colour temperature, above 4000K, is the best choice in areas used for tasks requiring concentration and focus. It provides clear light for reading, writing or computer work. This vibrant white light is close to natural daylight, so can help productivity, particularly in environments where staff work night shifts.

Warm White

Warm white lights, around 3000K, are yellower in tone. This softer light creates a more relaxed ambience. It can be used in an office environment in areas where staff spend downtime, such as break rooms. It can also create a friendly and inviting ambience which may be ideal for meeting rooms or client areas.


Mounting Methods


If your office has a high ceiling, it may be necessary to suspend lighting to ensure sufficient illumination of the area below. Fittings can also be suspended lower over work surfaces to provide more direct and concentrated light for certain types of activity.

Recess mounting

Recessing lights is a low profile and practical solution. It can create an even spread of lighting and there are many options for recessed fittings. However, recessing lights can be more difficult with certain ceiling materials.

Surface mounting

Surface mounting lights directly to the ceiling surface tends to be a simple and straightforward approach, especially if you are installing a track layout.


The US General Services Administration (GSA) has set regulations which govern the amount of light which must be provided in an office. The requirement for a normal workstation space is 500lumens, with some other areas of the office having different levels, for example 300lumens for conference rooms and 200lumens for internal corridors. The energy efficiency of the lighting design is also part of the regulations, under ASHRAE/IES 90.1. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also has guidelines around the amount of light that should be available in an office.

It is recommended to check your proposed scheme against all regulations and requirements. You should also bear in mind that the requirements may vary by State.


Track Lighting

Track lighting is ideal for offices, as it is highly versatile and can easily be updated as needed. Track can be surface-mounted, recessed or suspended depending on the ceiling height and material. Track lighting heads, the fixtures which mount to the track, are available in a variety of wattages, beam angles and colour temperatures, allowing you to create a solution which is customised to your needs.

Our range of compact track heads range from 14W up to 52W, with colour temperatures from 2700K to 4000K. There is a choice of White, Brushed Nickel or Black finishes, to suit your office decor.

Linear Pendant Lighting

Linear pendants are a stylish option which suit architectural and open plan spaces. They are long, narrow fixtures which provide even illumination.

Our linear pendants are 54” long, with 24W, 30W and 44W options available. The cable suspension can be set from 8” to 100” depending on the installation location and ceiling height. These dimmable lights are available in Brushed Aluminium or Black.