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Outdoor Track Lighting

Outdoor Track Lighting

If you want to light your outdoor living areas with track-style lighting, you can choose fixtures specifically designed for external use to achieve the same result.

Standard track lighting is not suitable for external walls, because it doesn’t have the required IP rating. However, if you want to light a sheltered area such as a pergola, or an outside space with a ‘ceiling’ and exposed sides, you could opt for spotlights pre-attached to a straight bar, to give you the track lighting look.

We have a range of IP44 rated fixtures with two, three or four spotlights, mounted to a bar ranging from 360mm to 700mm in length. The IP44 rating means that they can be exposed to some weather, but shouldn’t be submerged in water. To keep the electrical parts protected from any water damage, the spotlights are already fixed into their position and evenly spaced along the bar, but they can be adjusted to direct the beam wherever you’d like to place the light.

Each spotlight hangs down from the bar on a short arm. The spotlights have a plain, cylindrical design and are available in a black or titanium finish.

These fixtures use GU10 LED globes, so you can choose your preferred brightness (lumen output) and colour temperature.