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Small Track Lights

Small Track Lights

Track lighting is a versatile lighting solution where multiple lights can be used on a track, with simple installation. Small track lighting can be used in settings around the home, as a complete system or alongside other lights, such as decorative pendants.

Small track lighting can be ceiling mounted, suspended or recessed depending on the setting and preference. Track is available in a range of lengths, and a connector or joiner can be used to fit track together in any shape and configuration required. These track accessories allow track to be formed into rectangles, squares or T shapes depending on the connector types.

Most small track lighting requires an electrical connection. Track usually has a power feed which goes into the end of a length of track, called an end feed, but some track has a middle feed option. Track systems typically use line voltage. A low voltage track system will require a transformer. There are some options with a plug which require no hard wiring.

Ceiling mounted or surface mounted track offers the simplest installation. Track can be mounted to the ceiling surface or even on wood beams. Suspending track is a useful option where ceilings are high, such as a sloped ceiling or vaulted ceiling, to bring the light level down. A suspension kit will include wires which are used to hang the track and these can be adjusted to your required height.

In the home, small track lighting can be used in a variety of settings such as a bathroom, hallway, garage or dining room. Some ideas for potential uses are a small bar in front of a closet, or a section of suspended track over a kitchen island.

The fixtures which mount to the track are referred to as track lighting heads. These usually have the appearance of spotlights, with a lamp, or globe, set into a cylindrical body, or mounted at the front of a narrow tube.

Track lighting heads may use halogen or LED bulbs. Modern track systems typically use LED globes such as a GU10 for their energy efficiency, long lifespan and excellent quality of light. You may be able to update an existing halogen track head with an LED replacement, but you should check the details of your existing track as not all track lighting is universal.

There are compact design track heads to suit small track lighting. The best choice of track lighting heads depends on the placement and preference. Black and white finishes are the most common, but there are more decorative styles such as gold, chrome, or bronze.

A track lighting head which uses LED globes can offer further ways to customise your track lighting solution, with a variety of colour temperatures and lumen outputs available. Many LED spotlights will be dimmable, giving you the flexibility to dim the lights depending on the time of day and ambience you want to create.