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Stainless Steel Track Lighting

Track lighting is a versatile and customisable lighting solution which allows for multiple lights to be fitted to a track. Track is available in a variety of lengths and is usually made from aluminium. It is available in a variety of finishes to suit your decor, such as black or white. Stainless steel track lighting can be a preferred choice for industrial style domestic or commercial spaces.

Track can be fitted directly to the ceiling, known as surface-mounting. If you prefer a modern, clean and uncluttered look, track can be recessed to sit flush with the ceiling surface. It is more complex to flush mount track, and this installation method is not suitable for all ceiling materials.

There is also the option to suspend track, and the cable or chain in the suspension kit can be adjusted to hang the track at your required height. You can mount or suspend track on a flat, dropped, sloped, or vaulted ceiling, making stainless steel track lighting systems suitable for many applications where it may be difficult to install a pendant. Some stainless steel track lighting systems can be wall mounted as an alternative to ceiling mounted solutions.

The light fixtures which attach to a track are called track lighting heads. These can provide a general wash of light or more focused, directional task light, depending on your requirements. A track lighting head with a narrow beam angle may be used to frame a piece of art or an architectural feature. There is a large range of track lighting heads available with stainless steel track lighting a popular choice of finish. A track lighting head is usually adjustable so that light can be placed exactly where it is needed. It is most common for the light to be aimed down to the floor or down the wall.

One of the most popular locations in the home for track lighting is the kitchen. Stainless steel track lighting for the kitchen can be used to provide the mixture of ambient, task and accent lighting that these multi-functional spaces require. Track can be arranged to follow the outline of the room or cabinets, or used in a zone where particular lighting is needed, for example over work surfaces, a stove and the sink. A strip of suspended track can also be used over a kitchen island or in a dining room over a table to provide a decorative feature.

Track usually receives its power supply through wire fed into the end of the track. This is known as an end power supply. Track lengths are often supplied with capping to ‘close’ the end of the track length.

Regular track lighting is linear, so if you want flexible stainless steel track lighting which can be curved, you might prefer to use monorail track lighting. Monorail uses a flexible rail, and also offers the benefit that it can be used with a mix of track lighting heads and pendants, giving you greater choice in your track lighting design ideas.

Monorail is usually low voltage, so you will require a transformer to convert the power supply from line voltage. The number of fixtures that can be used on a monorail system depends on the wattage that your transformer can handle. As an LED globe uses less energy you could fit more LED fixtures on a monorail layout than halogens. You will also need to consider the weight that the monorail can carry.