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Suspended Track Lighting

Track lighting offers a versatile lighting solution which allows for multiple lights to be used as part of a complete scheme. Track lighting can be used in commercial spaces and in spaces all around the home, from kitchens to bedrooms, hallways or living spaces.

There are three installation methods for track lighting; surface mounting, recessed or suspended. Surface mounting attaches track directly to the ceiling surface, or recessed track lighting sets track into the ceiling, so the track is flush with the ceiling surface. Suspended track lighting is the option that brings the light level down from the ceiling.

Suspended track lighting is installed by using wires to hang the track from the ceiling. These wires are adjustable, so light can be hung at your required level. Suspending track lighting is a useful option when ceilings are high or vaulted and the light level needs to be brought down. Suspended track can also give a more industrial look, and can be used to provide a feature over a piece of furniture such as a kitchen island, where head height is not an issue.

Track is available in a variety of lengths, and multiple pieces can be used to create any configuration you might require, from straight lengths to T, U or H shapes. Track and track lights are generally available in black and white finishes.

One of the most popular locations to install track in the home are kitchens. Kitchens are multi-functional spaces and need a mix of accent, task and general ambient light. An effective track lighting solution can address all of these needs.

Track lights usually use LEDs. As well as offering an excellent quality of light, LEDs are highly energy efficient and have a long lifespan, which minimises maintenance or replacement. There are a number of track light options to help customise your ideal solution. These variables include different beam angles, colour temperatures and wattages.

How widely or narrowly focused the beam of light from the track light will be, is determined by the beam angle. A narrow beam angle will give a narrower and more focused beam of light. A wide beam angle will give more of an ambient, wall wash effect.

The colour temperature of a track light helps set the ambience. A warm colour temperature of around 3000K gives a cozy light, similar to fire or candlelight. A cool colour temperature around 5000K provides brighter light which is closer to natural daylight. Track lights are often dimmable, so the light level can be adjusted as required.