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Track Lighting For Vaulted Ceilings

Track Lighting For Vaulted Ceilings

Track lighting is a versatile lighting solution which allows multiple lights to be used with simple installation. Track is a useful option for vaulted ceilings as it can be difficult to find a hanging pendant with a canopy suitable for a sloped ceiling.

The best track lighting for a sloped ceiling depends on the setting, ceiling material and preference. Track lighting can be ceiling mounted, suspended or recessed, with surface mounting offering the easiest installation.

Track lighting for vaulted ceilings is often suspended to lower the light level. This can provide a decorative feature and draw attention to the ceiling height. Track is suspended on wires which can be adjusted to your preferred height. If suspending the track, it is better to do so near the highest point rather than at the minimum height.

If ceiling height does not allow for a suspended track, track can be surface mounted. As track only needs a cable feed at one end, in a room with beams it is also possible to mount track along an exposed beam. Recessed or flush mount track keeps the ceiling surface clear and uncluttered, with the track hidden. However, this option requires more complicated installation and is not suitable for some ceiling materials, such as concrete.

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Track lighting is available in a variety of lengths and is customisable for a wide range of applications. Joiners can be used to fit track together in any shape and configuration required. This makes track lighting a versatile solution suitable for a variety of domestic settings, such as an entryway, hallway, dining room or master bedroom. One of the most common locations for track lighting in the home is in the kitchen.

The light fixtures which mount to the track are referred to as track lighting heads, which may use halogen or LED globes. Modern track systems typically use LEDs, such as GU10 lamps, for their energy efficiency, long lifespan and excellent quality of light. A benefit of track lighting is that track lighting heads can be adjusted to place directional light wherever it is needed.

The varying types of LED lamps for use with track lighting heads offer a choice of colour temperatures and lumen outputs. Lumen output determines how bright the light is. Many LED spotlights will be dimmable, giving you the flexibility to dim the lights depending on the time of day and ambience you want to create.