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Our versatile 10W track light has a compact body, with overall dimensions of 143mm (L) by 95mm (W). It is a 3 wire single circuit fitting, available in a black or white finish to suit your decor. There are options for a warm white colour temperature (producing 1250 lumens) or cool white (1290lm). A choice of three beam angles (24°, 38° or 60°) gives flexibility for a range of uses. The CRI of 95 means this track light gives excellent representation of colour and vibrancy.  This is an ideal track light to use around the home, such as in kitchens, bathrooms, or hallways.

The sleek 25W track light is available in a choice of two finishes, two colour temperatures and four beam angles, to serve a variety of needs. It is compatible with a standard 3 wire single circuit track. The overall dimensions are 171mm (L) by 150mm (W). This is a powerful fitting, with the warm white colour temperature option producing a lumen output of 2800lm, and the cool white version 3100lm.  Select from a 15°, 25°, 38° or 60° beam angle. This light is available in a black or white finish and suits commercial settings such as offices, retail stores and showrooms.

Finish Colors

Gold Track Lights

Track Lights - Banno Lighting

For a more decorative spin on your track lighting solution, gold track lighting heads add an eye-catching feature without compromising on any of the technical benefits. Gold track lights are available in various sizes and styles.

Black Track Lights

Track lengths are generally available in black or white, and using a combination of black track and black lighting heads results in a streamlined, architectural look that suits industrial spaces and modern decor.

White Track Lights

White track is a popular option, as ceiling surfaces are often painted white, meaning that white track can blend seamlessly when it is surface mounted. Using white track lighting heads produces a discreet lighting solution which does not detract or distract from any focal points in the space, or from the decor. 

Chrome Track Lights

Track Lights - Banno Lighting

Chrome track lighting heads give a sleek and modern look to your track lighting scheme. It’s a more decorative alternative to black or white, but still neutral enough to match well with a variety of colours and interior styles. Chrome track lights work particularly well in contemporary interiors. 


Stainless Steel Track Lights

Track Lights - Banno Lighting

Stainless steel track lights give a clean, sleek, and polished look that’s ideal for commercial spaces, but work equally well in the home, especially in the kitchen. Stainless steel spotlights suit minimal, modern interiors.

Brass Track Lights

Brass track lights are popular for living and bedroom spaces, where they can provide a decorative alternative to pendant lighting. Finishes may range from a smooth, brushed or satin bronze to an aged finish which works well with rustic interiors.

Bronze Track Lights

Bronze track lights can vary in colour, from dark bronze to aged, antique or brushed finishes. Depending on the design, they can suit traditional or contemporary interiors, and work well in kitchens where they can complement hardware such as kitchen cabinet handles.

Brushed Nickel Track Lights

Brushed nickel is another popular finish, and a matt alternative to stainless steel. Brushed nickel is a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms, where it can often match fixtures such as taps.

Crystal Track Lights

For something completely different, crystal lights offer a highly decorative approach to a track lighting solution. These eye-catching lights make a statement and can suit modern or traditional interiors, depending on their design.

Color Temperatures

Warm White

Warm White Track Lighting

It’s important to choose the optimum colour temperature for your track lighting scheme, for comfort and to create the right atmosphere. A warm white colour temperature is around 3000K (Kelvin), for a softer light which is similar to the glow of fire or candlelight. Warm white fixtures are ideal for domestic settings, or for any commercial setting where you want to generate a warm and inviting ambience.

Cool White

Cool White Track Lighting

Cool white fixtures produce a clear, bright light around 5000K, which is close to natural daylight. It’s the preferred choice for any environments where detailed tasks are carried out, as it provides clear illumination, reduces eye strain and aids concentration. A cool white track lighting scheme in an office environment can aid productivity.

Mounting Options

Suspended Track Lights

Track Lights - Banno Lighting

Suspending track lighting is a useful option in spaces with high or vaulted ceilings, as it brings the light level down to ensure enough light reaches the space below. It’s also a good choice for drop ceilings. Suspended track is supplied with adjustable wires, so the suspension height can be set to your preference. Suspending track over a kitchen island or countertops can also be a popular choice to add decorative interest.

Flush Mount Track Lights

Surface mounting track lighting is the easiest and most popular installation method. Track is simply screwed directly to the ceiling (or other) surface. Track lengths can be joined together using joiner accessories to configure a system of the shape and dimensions you require. Power enters the track through an end or middle power feed, avoiding an unsightly cable cluttering up the ceiling.

Recessed Track Lights

Recessing track gives an architectural look and keeps the ceiling clear and uncluttered. Track is set into the ceiling, so it sits flush with the ceiling surface. It’s a low profile mounting method which works well if there is limited ceiling height. Installation is more complex and it is not suitable for all ceiling materials, but gives a polished look in modern spaces.

Wall Mounted Track Lights

Track lighting can be mounted to the wall in the same way as to the ceiling surface. It can offer a visually interesting alternative to ceiling lighting, or be used as another layer in a lighting scheme. Wall mounted track lighting is an alternative if ceiling heights are low, and is useful in commercial environments, for example in retail stores to illuminate certain displays.


Kitchen Track Lights

Track Lights - Banno Lighting

Kitchens are the most popular domestic setting for installing track lighting. Kitchens are multi-functional spaces, used for socialising and entertaining as well as cooking. They require a lighting scheme which can provide clear task light for food preparation, and ambient and inviting light for entertaining. Track lighting can cater to these varied needs in one flexible scheme.

Bathroom Track Lights

Track lighting offers a versatile lighting solution for bathrooms, placing lights where needed around the room in one installation. When installing track lights in the bathroom you’ll need to bear in mind bathroom zoning, which determines the required IP rating depending on the proximity of the lights to water.

Dining Room Track Lights

Track lighting can be used in a dining room to provide a flexible blend of ambient, task and accent lighting. There is a wide choice of track lighting heads available to complement your decor, from antique brass to minimal black. Suspending track lighting over a dining table can make an eye-catching decorative feature.

Living Room Track Lights

Living rooms and open place living spaces are used for different purposes throughout the day, from home working or school homework to entertaining and watching TV. Track lighting places light exactly where needed, delivering a mix of ambient, task and accent light. Track lighting works well alongside decorative fixtures, such as pendants or wall lights, as part of an overall lighting scheme.

Basement Track Lights

Basement track lighting is a practical solution for lighting a space with little or no natural light. If your basement is a functional space for storage or tasks such as laundry, surface mounted track lighting is a simple solution providing clear and well distributed illumination. Plug in options offer straightforward DIY installation.

Hallway Track Lights

Track lighting is ideal for a hallway where multiple lights may be needed, and the space does not allow for hanging fixtures or wall lights. Track comes in a variety of lengths, and several can be joined together to distribute light evenly throughout the space.

Bedroom Track Lights

Bedroom track lighting can work harmoniously alongside decorative features as part of a complete lighting scheme. Track lighting is particularly useful placed in front of closets or storage cupboards, with track lighting heads angled to illuminate the contents.

Outdoor Track Lights

Standard track lighting doesn’t have a suitable IP rating for use outside. However, you can achieve the same look by using fixtures which have several spotlights pre-attached to a straight bar. We have options with two, three or four spotlights.


Track Lights For Artwork

A well-considered track lighting system ensures artwork can be displayed at its best, whether a personal collection of paintings and photographs in the home, or a large exhibition at an art gallery. Track lighting heads can be positioned directly in front of artwork to avoid shadows, and the heads can be moved up and down the track as and when the display is updated.

Retail Track Lights

From a small convenience store to a large department store, LED track lighting offers a customisable and low maintenance lighting solution for retail stores. Track lengths can be joined together to produce a scheme tailored to the space, with track lighting heads giving flexibility on colour temperature, beam angle and CRI (colour rendering index) to cater to all needs.

Commercial Track Lights

Commercial settings varying from an office to a dental studio to a warehouse can all benefit from the flexibility of track lighting. Modern LED track lighting offers alternatives to old solutions such as fluorescent lights, with benefits including energy efficiency, minimal maintenance and no issues with flicker or buzzing.


Modern Track Lights

Track lighting can be adapted to suit all styles of decor, by selecting the track lighting heads which best fit into your interior. There are many modern track lights designs available to choose from, with simple, cylindrical spotlights being some of the most popular.

Vintage Track Lights

The versatility of track lighting means that it’s possible to create a vintage look with all the benefits of modern technology. Choose from a selection of track lighting heads which have a vintage design, and antique bronze or brass finishes to complement this interior style.

Farmhouse Track Lights

If you want to add a track lighting solution to your farmhouse decor, it’s possible to choose track lighting heads to suit this style. You could select simple, unobtrusive designs to blend in, or make a statement with larger designs that complement or contrast your interior.

Rustic Track Lights

Even rustic style interiors can benefit from the convenience and versatility of a track lighting system. There’s a wide range of track lighting heads available, and those with a galvanised finish are the ideal choice for matching rustic decor.

Industrial Track Lights

Industrial decor takes a cue from the exposed architectural features and materials of a factory or warehouse. Track lighting works harmoniously with this style, and is particularly useful if you have high ceilings, as suspending track can lower the light level.

Size & Shape

Square Track Lights

Lengths of track can be connected together using joiner accessories to form a square. This can be useful to place light around the perimeter of a room, for example in a kitchen, or create zones for displays in a retail store.

Curved Track Lights

If you’re looking for a curved track lighting option, then monorail is your solution. It uses flexible rails that can be bent and curved, with the added benefit that a monorail system can accommodate pendants as well as track lighting heads. Monorail is low voltage meaning you’ll need a transformer, so monorail kits are an easy way to buy everything you need.

Linear Track Lights

Standard track lighting is linear, with tracks coming in various lengths. These lengths can be joined together into any straight sided shape you choose, by using connectors to create corners and junctions.

Small Track Lights

Track lighting systems can be small and unobtrusive, to suit all types of application. A small run of track can provide useful illumination in front of a closet, or light a specific area of a room. Track lighting heads also vary in size, with smaller options available if you have limited ceiling height, or prefer the look of petite fittings.

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