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Wall Mounted Track Lights

Wall Mounted Track Lighting

Track lighting offers a versatile lighting solution and has many domestic and commercial applications. Although track lighting is generally fixed to the ceiling, wall mounted track lighting is a visually interesting alternative.

Wall mounted track lighting is fixed to the wall surface in the same way that track would typically be surface mounted to the ceiling. Track is available in a variety of lengths and joiners can be used to fit track together in any shape and configuration required, such as a square, T-shape or U-shape. Track can also be used to zone a large open plan space into smaller areas. Some common locations for a track lighting system in the home include the kitchen and bathroom.

If linear track does not suit your decor ideas, you might want to consider monorail track lighting. Monorail uses a flexible rail which can be bent to give a curved or circular track installation. Monorail may also be wall mounted, with the rail fixed to extender rods protruding from the wall.

The light fixtures which mount to track are referred to as track lighting heads, which may use a halogen or LED globe. LEDs are generally preferred for modern track systems, because of their energy efficiency, long lifespan and excellent quality of light. A benefit of track lighting is that track lighting heads can be adjusted and repositioned to place directional light wherever it is needed.

There are a wide range of styles of track lighting head available, to suit your preference and decor. Popular finishes include chrome, brushed nickel and gold, as well as black and white.

For simple installation you may wish to consider plug in wall mounted track lighting kits. These do not require any hard wiring, as the track is supplied with a flex and simply plugs into a power outlet. A good quality kit will provide all of the components required for a complete installation.