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One Space Gallery is located in Brisbane, Australia.

With the artworks on display changing regularly, it was important for a track solution to be adaptable and customisable. To answer this need, we’ve used our Le Art DELUX adjustable lights. The front of each light can be moved back and forth to adjust from spotlight to wide beam as needed for different sized pieces. Barn doors can also create a ‘square’ light when required. Crucially for a gallery, the CRI (colour rendering index) is exceptional (95), ensuring the true colours of each artwork are represented. Each individual fitting has its own dimmer, allowing the light level to be customised for each piece in the gallery. The 4-wire track, for a more industrial look, is surface-mounted on the 3m high ceiling, and set back 1.5m from the walls.

13a Gladstone Rd, Highgate Hill, QLD, Australia, 4121

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