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LED Track Lighting

LED track lighting systems offer great versatility and adaptability. They’re an excellent choice for both commercial and residential applications, including retail environments, showrooms, offices, galleries, and living rooms.

Track runs come in lengths of 3.28, 6.56, and 9.84 feet (1, 2, and 3 meters) and can be combined to form different shapes such as rectangles and squares. Track lights easily clip into the tracks, and this type of lighting system can be recessed mounted, surface mounted or hung from the ceiling with suspension kits or chains for a more industrial finish.


40W LED Track Light - Black - Dimensions

40W Track Light

This range offers the highest lumen output we have available. It’s one of the brightest track lights on the market and suitable for high ceilings ranging between 11 and 13 feet. However, it’s also an excellent option for even higher ceilings, as track lights can be lowered closer to the floor or illumination target by using a suspension system.

30W LED Track Light - Black - Dimensions

30W Track Light

30W LED Track Lighting is commonly used in commercial environments such as retail spaces and showrooms as they come in 3000K as well as cooler temperatures such as 5500K. This type of fixture is suitable for taller ceilings between 9 and 11 feet and is available in either black or white to suit individual design needs.

15W LED Track Light - Black - Dimensions

15W Track Light

This eco-friendly, energy efficient model is one of the most popular choices for showrooms and art galleries. It has an aesthetically pleasing small cylindrical shape which measures less than 6.30 inches in length, offers a low power consumption, and is available in both black and white finishes.  

9W LED Track Light - Black - Dimensions

9W Track Light

The 9W Track Light is ideal for residential projects. It's commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms. The slimline design length of only 4.73 inches means that it seamless integrates into a space, whilst maintaining functionality and dynamic illumination.

Finish Color Options

Silver & Chrome Track Lighting

Our silver and chrome track lighting is ideal for replacing old halogen 50W lights. These models have smaller fittings than our 15W, 30W, and 40W range, and instead, use 240v / GU10 10W LED replaceable bulbs. They can be easily clipped in and out of a single circuit track and can also replace older Crompton silver and chrome models.

Black Track Lighting

Also referred to as “matte black,” black track lighting is an excellent choice for both commercial and residential environments. Its neutral finish means it fits well with almost any interior color scheme and is often used to illuminate art galleries, retail shops, residential kitchens, and living rooms. This model is available in 15W, 30W, and 40W. 

White Track Lighting

White track lighting blends in perfectly with white plasterboard ceilings, making this a popular choice for residential homes and art galleries where the aim is to provide illumination without pulling focus away from the room. This color is also available in our 15W, 30W and 40W track light models.

Color Temperatures

Warm White

Warm white is ideal for creating a relaxed ambiance in non-task areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and staff break rooms. 

Cool White

Cool white is best suited for areas where specific tasks need to be carried out, such as reading or writing, as they provide the best lumen output per watt.

Mounting Options


Ceiling Track Lighting

Also referred to as surface track lighting, the installation process for this system is incredibly simple and can be completed within minutes. Each piece of track comes with two pre-drilled holes at the end of each length, allowing the user to screw the track directly into any ceiling made from plasterboard or concrete. There are also pre-drilled holes at 1-meter intervals (approximately 3 ft) on longer lengths of track. Standard lengths come in 1, 2 and 3 meters (3.28, 6.56, and 9.84 feet), but they can be custom cut to any size, allowing for maximum flexibility.


Recessed Track Lighting

When track lighting is “recessed mounted” it creates a flush finish with the surface material as the track is buried within the ceiling. There are several ways to install recessed lighting, and the best option will depend on individual needs. It can be done by cutting a hole in the ceiling and securing the track using dedicated clips or by building a bulkhead in the ceiling. To create a seamless finish, it’s possible to paint the bulkhead the same color as the track lighting system.


Wall Mounted Track Lighting

Track lighting systems aren’t limited to ceiling installations. They can also be installed on walls, either vertically or horizontally, which is an ideal option for illuminating objects at a different angle than is achieved with ceiling mounted lighting. In fact, the mounting procedure is the same as the installation on plaster or concrete ceilings.


Suspended & Hanging Track Lighting

Suspended track lighting is a popular option for environments with high ceilings, as the system allows the lights to be lowered closer to objects or areas that need to be illuminated, such as desks, workbenches, and countertops. This type of mounting also provides an appealing industrial finish and can add an aesthetic layer to any space. We stock two types of hanging kits with lengths which can be adjusted up to 3 meters (9.84 feet). You’ll be able to choose your preferred suspension height during the installation process.

Placement Options

Interior Track Lighting

As track lighting helps create distinct interior spaces, it’s often the go-to choice for illuminating inside areas such as kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and hallways. Track lights offer great flexibility as they can be dimmed, rotated, and tilted to suit individual requirements, and the high-quality finish on all our products means they also contribute to the interior design of the space.

Exterior Track Lighting

Exterior track lighting tends to be less common, but it can also be a suitable option for illuminating certain outdoor spaces, such as patios and solariums. It is essential that any lighting products intended for exterior use have a waterproofing treatment which is known as IP65.


From commercial spaces to residential homes, our track lighting systems are an excellent choice for all access lighting needs as they can be dimmed, rotated, and tilted in any direction. Our extensive product range from 15W to 40W means we can offer tailored solutions to all our customers.

Commercial Track Lighting

Commercial environments often have high ceilings, which is why suspension mounted track lighting is such a popular option for places like offices and retail spaces. It is common to use higher power 30W, and 40W fixtures as high ceilings mean light has a further distance to travel. However, anything above 15W in power can be considered for commercial use. We supply this product to a range of electricians, architects, interior designers, and developers across the United States.

Retail Track Lighting

The flexibility that track lighting offers makes it a perfect choice for retail environments. We have worked with retailers in the fashion industry, homeware and furniture stores, and many other retail spaces, and offer all our clients advice on the best lighting solution for their stores. We believe the key to effective retail track lighting is following the 70/30 rule, which means 70% of the light will be on the product the store wishes to illuminate.

Industrial Track Lighting

Suspended track lights are ideal for areas with high open ceilings as they contribute to the “industrial style” design which many spaces strive to achieve. It’s also possible to enhance the industrial look by using chains or suspension kits to hang the lighting system as well as opting for a matte black finish.

Kitchen Track Lighting

Although downlights are a common choice for providing illumination in kitchens, they require holes to be cut in the ceiling and create rather a generic look. Our 15W LED track lighting is a great alternative to downlights; they offer a much easier installation and allow you to concentrate light exactly where you need it, as they can be rotated 360º as well as 0 to 90º up and down.

Lighting Design Service

Whether you’re building a new space or carrying out renovations, we offer a lighting design service to help you decide which lights to use where. To get started, we’ll need to see your reflective ceiling plan or floor plan and talk to you about your desired outcome. Next, someone from our design team will visit your space and walk you through our recommendation to create the perfect lighting solution to suit your needs.